So...Who are we anyway?

Learning about personal finance and the stock market is a big step! After all, it is your hard earned money we're talking about. So whether your in your early 20's graduating college, a Highschooler trying to buy your first car or Warren Buffet, we hope everyone can learn something new. 


Our mission here at (blank) is to increase financial literacy for everyone; from the everyday person to the financial expert. We're not here judge you if your just starting out. We all had to start somewhere (even if those Wall St. guys say otherwise).

Origin Story

So where did (blank) come from anyway? Well lets start from the beginning. In 2022 our founder Cody Benner always had a passion for helping people with finance, but he did not have a passion for school. His goal was to create an easy and fn way for people to get educated on their own time, on all the topics schools don't teach us.